Hey guys!

Today is conditioning day and we’ll try something a little different today.


Before we get to the workout lets here it from those of you who are taking part in the Primal Challenge.

How is everything going?

How are you all feeling?

How is your training coming along?

Please drop some comments below and fill us in on your progress.

Today we’ll be adding a little variety to our conditioning session.

You can partner up or go solo.

Pick three activities and do 10 minutes on each.

Partners will perform intervals/reps for 10 minutes at each station.

Rest 2 minutes between each 10 minute set.

Pick 3 from the list

Keep track of your total reps or distance for each.

  • Row (meters)
  • bike (meters)
  • Ski (meters)
  • versa climb (feet)
  • Burpees or squat thrust (reps)
  • Jump rope (revolutions)

Have fun with this and let us know how it goes.


Flu prevention!