It’s that time of the week!

Today is conditioning day, and it’s also challenge day.

Here’s a nice conditioning challenge that doesn’t take much equipment to do.

We’ll give you a few options at each station.

If  you need a scaled down version of this, check out the TR2U version here.

Start out with a nice 5 minute joint mobility wake up, and then complete your two round circuit warm up (video library)

Here’s your 25 minute challenge.

Get as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes of the following movements.

  • Jumping or kipping pullups
  • 20 slam ball, 10r/10l sledge hits, or 40 whips on the rope
  • Row 20 cals, bike 20 cals, shuttle run 20 x 25 yards or 20 double unders
  • Kettlebell swings 20
  • squat thrusts (burpee with no push up)

I should have some video of this later.

How many rounds did you get?

Did you beat your last record?

Have a fantastic Wednesday!