Always a good idea to train static strength every once and while to change things up and work on our weak areas.

We will do our normal joint mobility and two round kettlebell warm up.

Warm up like this..

  • body weight squat 10
  • kettlebell swing 10
  • push ups 10
  • kettlebell high pull 10
  • kettlebell halo 5/5
  • 1 arm row 5/5
  • 15 jumping jacks

Do 2 rounds of the warm up

Here is your static strength workout: 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest for 5 rounds of the following movements.

Take a minute recovery bewtween rounds.

  • Pull up or row holds
  • squat holds (body weight, med ball or kettlebell)
  • overhead holds (kettlebells,dumbells,slosh pipe,keg etc..) or hand stands
  • Superman holds off the floor or bench
  • Walkouts, power wheel walks,plank or L-sit

Check it!

Here’s a good home version from the Milkman!