Hey guys!

We’ll be training strength today, I you will have some options…

You will perform the following movements doing 10 and 8 reps on the first 2 sets and then 3×5

Complete all the reps of  each movement with a partner or circuit through this solo.

Start with a moderate weight at 10 and 8 reps

Then complete your last 3 sets of at 5 reps

  • Pistols r/l or elevated split squats r/l (split up the reps)
  • Weighted push-ups x5 or reg x10
  • Single leg deads r/l or BB (5×5)/KB deads (5×5)
  • 1 arm rows r/l
  • abdominal choice (get ups 1/1 x 5, windmills 1/1×5, walkouts 5×5, knees to chest 5×10, hanging knee raises 5×10)
Here are some tips on the single leg dead lift

Enjoy this day!