4 rounds:

Here are the intervals: ( use the Gym Boss)

  • round 1: 30 work/ 30 work/ 30 rest
  • round 2: 25 work/ 25 work/ 25 rest
  • round 3: 20 work/ 20 work/ 20 rest
  • round 4: 15 work/ 15 work/ 15 rest

Split up the work on the bilateral movements (L/R).  Try to increase your weight with each round.


  1. sandbag step ups L/R
  2. Kettlebell clean and press L/R
  3. Sit ups/V-sits (Split them up)
  4. 1 arm row L/R or Renengade row
  5. Kettlebell snatch L/R
  6. Plank or Power Wheel walkouts

Click here to check out the official results for the Tactical Strength Challenge.  This was held a few weeks ago.  The TSC consists of three events: a max deadlift, maximum repetition pull ups, and max rep 24 kg kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes.   It’s always a good idea to have something to train for to keep you motivated.  Even the trainers need motivation.

Phrase of the Day:  "If you have any doubts about jumping on the big tire, don’t do it or you’ll fall on your ass and injure your wrist!"

Alex, AKA "The Candy Man"