Your Thusday Freestyle Conditioning

Back to conditioning focus on Thursday with some Training Room style freestyle conditioning.
Here’s what it looks like…

Freestyle stationary conditioning circuit

10 minutes of movement (1 minute of each exercise) with a  1:30 recovery after you geth through all ten.

Do 3 rounds of this:

  1. Swings, cleans, or Jump
  2. Mountain climb or sit through
  3. Skaters or lateral steps/agilities
  4. Jump rope, rope flow, jumping jacks
  5. Drop squat or Hindu squat
  6. Standing twist with a medicine ball or Bulgarian bag or mace swings, around the world. 
  7. Squat thrust or slam ball
  8. Push-ups or Push press (dumbbells or kettlebells)
  9. Knees to chest (abs) Bicycles
  10. Run in place (Pegs) , high knees, but kickers or sunddune
We hope you are having a great week!
Once again…
Thank you for spending your Saturday morning (an evening for many of you) with us!
This event exceeded our expectations and we are SO proud of everyone who showed up and gave it their ALL.
If you haven’t seen the results of the FIT 25 yet, you can go to the link here or below to check them out.
FYI..There was a correction in the Solo Womens Master category (Deb B took 2nd).
Stay tuned fof the next event…
We do these Training Room events to help push everyone towards better health and fitness!
Don’t EVER stop!

Jim and Mike