The TMT 2.0 Challenge Revisited on Friday

For your Training Room conditioning enjoyment, we will revisit this gem….the TMT 2.0 challenge!

Let’s do this!

Do you remember how you did last time?

Drop a comment below! 

2 Minute Torture 2.0

Here’s what it looks like…

We will set the clock to count down every 2 minutes…

Do 250 meters of cardio.

Beginners should do 225 meters.

Cardio choices

  • 250 meter row
  • 250 meter ski
  • 500 meter bike
  • Run around the building

After completing your cardio item, then do any of the following…

  • 1 burpee
  • 1 squat thrust
  • 1 Med ball, dumbell or kettlebell squat press

Here’s the kicker…

Keep adding 1 burpee, squat thrust or squat press etc. until you can’t complete in under 2 minutes.

Again…If you are having a difficult time keeping up with the time, do 225 or 200 meters of cardio instead.

Push yourself and help your Training Room friends through this one!

Have a great weekend!