Today we set up a nine station circuit of 30 seconds on 30 off and did four rounds with a minute recovery between each round.  Each station can be scaled to the individual’s fitness level.  For example, if the athlete is not proficient in the kettlebell swing, he or she will do a body weight squat or kettlebell dead lift.   Also, if the he or she would like more of a challange, maybe kettlebell snatches will work.  Here’s the workout:

  1. Ring row or pull up
  2. push up
  3. slamball or sit up
  4. kettlebell swing, snatch,deadlift or squat
  5. C2 rower or Airdyne bike
  6. Box jump or step up
  7. Kettlebell clean/squat/press or thruster
  8. rope climb or modified climb
  9. back extension or planch