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Hey guys!

According to the survey, many of you requested advanced posting of the workouts.

Although many of you already know what we’re doing tomorrow because we are repeating the last four week cycle.

Well, here you go anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Welcome the the first unofficial weekend of the Summer.

Don’t forget!!

We will most likely be training on the beach Monday morning at 8am.

As long as the weather behaves we will be on East End Ave in Avon.

Check the website or our facebook page for updates on this.

We’ve got a classic strength session for you…

We’ll be doing our classic D Dog Circuit.

Warm up with your 5 minute joint mobility routine and then a two round kettlebell warm up.

Here’s the D-Dog circuit: 1 minute of work/30 seconds of rest non-stop for 4 rounds

  • Hand to hand kettlebell swings
  • Jerks or push press r/l (switch hands on the 30 second mark) or See saw presses
  • Reverse lunges or split squat (alternate, or switch on the 30 second mark) or Walking lunges
  • One arm row (switch on the 30 second mark) or do alternate arm ring rows or Renegade rows
  • Choice of: Get ups (stay on one side, split it up or alternate arms) , windmills (go very slowly and do 30 seconds on each side), Walkout, plank, side plank, Power wheel walks, swing set/power wheel/jungle gym knees to chest etc..
Go through this 4 times and try to work up in weight with each round.

Here’s The Milkman