Two of my favorite words! Toning and Sculping!

This should do the trick!

The Kettlebell Deck of Cards
  • hearts=snatches
  • spades=push press 
  • diamonds=split squats (holding your kettlebell) 
  • clubs=one arm rows or pull ups 

Split the reps up on each side

Aces=12 reps
Jokers=15 burpees

The Ultimate of Kettlebells and Body Weight

Once again, Big Dick wowed us with his knowlege on the subject of "hollistic weight control" and "Body Sculping" 

Since he's in his 70's he chose to use the 70 for the deck of cards workout. He decided that one arm rows were not difficult enough so he performed renegade rows instead!

Go Dick go! Row Dick row!! 

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