Total Body Strength Workout

Monday is Strength Day!

Also a Holiday!  We have ONE Class each in…

  • Avon (on the Beach at 7:30am – if it rains it will be at the gym)
  • Manasquan (at the gym at 8am)

Be prepared for a different workout as Milkman and Mike might spice things up a bit!

Get ready for some tried and true Training Room Classics this week, with some new variations mixed into the bunch.

Have an incredible!

Strength Supersets:

30 work /30 rest x 5 rounds

Set 1)

  • swings, cleans, deadlifts
  • presses

Set 2)

  • Squat choice
  • pull up or row choice

Set 3)  40 work /20 rest x 5 rounds

  • ab choice
  • cardio choice

Here’s a classic pandemic Move and Hold Strength Video Workout!