It’s body weight strength day!

This was a blast last time.

It’s a great day for the “Body Weight Deck of Cards”

Go through the entire deck of cards.

Take your time between cards and make sure you are doing the movements correctly.

Push ups can get a little sketchy. Make sure you are maintaining a neutral spine, keeping your elbows in, and going full range.

If we do not see the above form, we will let you know.

If you struggle with regular push ups and do not use full range of motion, we will have you do them modified.

Each suit represents a movement.

The numbers represent reps.

Split the reps up between each side of the body.

  • Face cards=10 reps
  • Aces=12
  • Joker=10 burpees

For example, if you pull a king, you will do 5 reps each side for single sided movements.

If you pull a 7, you will do 4 R  and 3 L.

To even it out, just do more on the other side next time around.

If you feel like mixing it up a little with some pull ups instead of ring rows, go for it. Fell free to mix the grips. You will also have the option of doing rope pull ups.

The only single sided movements will be the split squat/pistols.

  • Diamonds= assisted pistols, pistols, deck squats or split squats w/ one kettlebell
  • Hearts= push ups or ring push ups
  • Spades= ring rows
  • V-sits, knees to chest or suspended knees to chest

How did you do?

What options did you choose.