Training Room Classic Strength Workout

Let’s keep MOVING with a classic Training Room Strength Workout on Monday!

Monday is Strength Day and there’s nothing stopping us from staying fit, active and HEALTHY!

Exercise and everyday movement keeps us FIT, ACTIVE and HEALTHY… AND boosts our immune systems!

Monday’s Strength Workout is a GOOD one!  No matter where you are in the World you can follow along with the link below!  

Classic Strength Workout


  1. Cleans, Single leg deadlift, static hip bridge, hinges, power wheel leg curls
  2. Press ( strict, push, floor, 1arm, med ball)
  3. Split squat, stepups, lunges
  4. Ab (TGU, windmill, plank, rotational or side bends…)

Finisher is 60/30×5:

Pick one Cardio, Bodyweight or Kettlebell exercise x 5 rounds


Pick a different exercises each round x 5 rounds

Keep the comments and pictures coming!  We love hearing from you!

Here’s the Link for Monday!