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Training Room Conditioning

Let’s have a great Conditioning workout on Thursday!

We are super proud of all you courtyard kids getting out there everyday!  Rain, Shine or Chilly mornings you show up and get it in and get it DONE!  The Training Room couldn’t do this without your support, comradery and efforts!

We have some new members at both gyms and they are doing an amazing job!  We hope that we make you feel welcome to our TEAM!

Looks like Manasquan might be getting an upgraded outdoor tent so stay tuned!

Let’s do this!

Thursday’s Conditioning Workout is…

25min AMRAP:

As many GOOD rounds as possible!

  • 250m cardio choice
  • 20 stepups or back lunges
  • 15 mt. Climbers
  • 10 high or jump pull
  • 5 burpees

HOME Video option:

Triplet Conditioning Circuit:

30 sec. work/15 sec. rest x 4 rounds:

Triplet 1:

  • Clean Squat or Bodyweight Squat
  •  Mt. Climb or crawl
  • JJs or star jumps

Triplet 2:

  • Swings or broad jump
  • 1/2 burp or knee tuck
  • Run in place

Triplet 3:

  • Skate or lateral squat
  • Squat thrust or squat press
  • Jump rope or quick steps