Conditioning Challenge Day

Let’s set the tone for Tuesday with a Conditioning Challenge!

Stay Strong and Stay Focused!

It’s important to take care of yourself and still do the things that you enjoy doing, if you can!

The strength and conditioning workouts, while a little different, are still available everyday!

We are having fun designing the workouts so they are accessible and have a lot of options if you are lacking in equipment or space.

Here are some KEY Points to help keep you focused the rest of your week:

  • Make sure to stick to a ROUTINE!
  • Get plenty of sunshine – when it’s out!  Get OUTSIDE everyday!
  • EAT the types of foods that make you FEEL your BEST!  Don’t know where to start?
    • We have some qualified humans on our team to steer you in a better direction!
  • Follow the “2 MINUTE RULE”
    • If you can complete a small task in 2 minutes – do it sooner than later so that it gets done!

Let us know if any of these helped you throughout your week!

Tuesday’s Conditioning Challenge Workout has some BONUS Warrior Challenge skills which are always fun to incorporate into a solid Workout Session!

Tuesday’s Training Room Conditioning Challenge:

25min AMRAP

  • 250 run, row, or 125 JR, or 60 JJ’s
  • 20 Swings, broad jumps, light deads
  • 250m
  • 20 high box step-ups, or 20 walk lunges(hands behind head)
  • 250m
  • 20 skaters or Lateral step overs
  • 250m
  • 20mt. climbers(each leg) or 20yd crawl


Let’s have a great day!

Drop your comments below and let us know if you need help with ANYTHING!