Hey friends!

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s D Dog kettlebell blaster..

Here’s a nice simple conditioning session today with a few choices..

We’ll warm up with a two round circuit warm up before hitting this 40/20 circuit.

Here’s our typical circuit warm up: 20 seconds work/20 seconds rest x 2 rounds

  • body weight rows
  • body weight squats/second round drop squats
  • push ups/second round half burpees
  • kettlebell swings/ second round high pulls
  • Jumping jacks or jump rope
  • bicycles
  • row, shuttle run,ski erg,air dyne
Here’s you 40/20 conditioning circuit..
  • Battling Ropes
  • kettlebell high pulls
  • squat thrusts
  • row,shuttle run,air dyne, ski erg, jump rope etc..
  • Drop squat or box jump
Here’s The Milkman with a variation of this
Have a great Thursday!