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Let’s kick this week off with a killer challenge!

We had a great crew at yesterday’s Sunday Adventure training…

We will officially kick this off on October 28th and will run it for 8 weeks.

Let us know if you want in.

You can go here for the details.

Today’s challenge will be very similar to what will go on at The Training Room Olympics on November 3.

Get more info on the TR Olympics here and start putting your teams together.

Proceeds form this event will be donated to K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital.

This event is open to anyone who wants to take part in this awesome team challenge!

Warm up with a kettlebell and body weight circuit warm up that will something like this.

20 seconds work/20 seconds rest of the following movements.

Here is your Iron or partner challenge…

Do total reps (200) with a partner or half the reps (100) solo.

Advanced will do the Ironman by completing all reps of one movement before going on to the next.

You will also have the option of circuiting through all the movements until all reps are complete.

  • 2 mile run or 3200 meter row
  • 200 kettlebell snatches or swings
  • 200 kettlebell push presses or jerks
  • 200 squat thrusts or mountain climbers (on each leg)

Let us know if you have any questions on this…


Solo does half the reps.

Let us know how you did and what weight bell you used for this.