Ten Minute Triplet Challenges

Hey Training Room family!

As for Wednesday , in case you haven’t been paying attention, it’s a conditioning day and ALSO a challenge day with 10 minute triplet challenges.

We will do doing 3 ten minute triplet challenges (3 exercises in each station for 10 minutes of AMRAP)

Ten Minute Conditioning Triples for Thursday…
Ten minutes of work of 3 movements then rest for 2 minutes before moving to the next one.

3 different conditioning triples

Triple #1

  • 20 step-ups
  • 15/15 twists or mace movements (you can also do a partner med ball toss, scroll down for the video)
  • 10 calories bike

Triple #2

  • 20 swings
  • 15/15 mountain climbers or crawl 15 yards
  • 10 calories ski erg

Triple #3 

  • 20 slams or squat thrusts
  • 15 crab toe touches or knee-ups
  • 10 calories row

Let’s go!!

Here’s something you should try as well!