Triplet Conditioning on the Minute

This triplet conditioning session is sure to fire you up!

It will keep you on task and before you know it you will successful in completing a great workout!

These “on the minute” sessions are extremely efficient and will get your heart and lungs working!

We are very fortunate to also have our outdoor training spaces so that we can continue to provide you with great workout each day!  We are in the process of providing some extra shade in the Avon Courtyard and we appreciate all of you getting out there in the heat each day!  Let’s do this!

Wednesday is a conditioning day and you are going to love this one.

On the one minute mark, perform each triplet for 3 rounds.

Take a minute rest between each triplet.

Triplet 1 (3 rounds)
  • 50 jumping jacks or 100 Jump rope revolutions (rope flow options will be available)
  • 20 kettlebell swings, jumps, light deadlift
  • 10 burpees or 15 squat thrusts

Rest one minute

Triplet 2 (3 rounds)
  • 50 quick steps, knee slaps, or 10 shuttle runs
  • 20 air squats or box step ups
  • 20 knee tucks or controlled mountain climbers (sliders are good)

Rest one minute

Triplet 3 (3 rounds)
  • 20 skaters or lateral steps
  • 20 crab toe touches, or bicycles
  • 20 high pulls or Jump pulls

Here’s the link!