Tuesday Challenge

Your Tuesday challenge at The Training Room  will be a thirty minute AMRAP.

As always, there will be options for EVERYONE to enjoy.

It looks like it’s going to warm up a bit starting Tuesday, so you may want to get your challenge on as early as possible before that sun starts beating down on the courtyard.

You DO have the inside option!


If you’re looking to try out some kettlebell sport in a relaxed environment…

The next beers and bells will be on Friday, July 22.

This will be a 7 minute set.

We will be adding a partner burpee option just for the fun of it.

This will ALL happen at the Avon location at 6PM with happy hour to follow in the court yard!

Here’s your 30 minute AMRAP

  • 20 calories bike
  • 20 burpees or slams
  • 20 calories row
  • 20 total box step ups or lunges
  • 20 calories ski
  • 100 yard farmer carry or Zercher Carry
  • Run the building or 200 Jump rope or 100 sjumping jacks
  • 20 high pulls

Enjoy your TUESDAY!

Here’s an example of an advanced Zercher carry. This can also be done with a regular bar or even a sand bag.

The front loaded position really challenges the body, especially the mid section!