Interval Training

Tuesday’s workout includes some stellar 4 Minute Interval Conditioning sets!

Let’s get in and get it done!  If you can’t workout at the gym, we still have our YouTube Videos posted for each workout.  They might be repeats but you can challenge yourself to push a little more than you did last time!

Here are the Intervals:

20 seconds work /10 seconds rest x 8 sets at each exercise! 

You will complete a total of 6 Stationary Sets:

  1. Swings
  2. Push press
  3. Cardio choice
  4. Air squats
  5. Mt. Climber
  6. Cardio choice

Tabata Intervals

20 work /10 rest x 8 sets

Complete all 8 Sets before moving to the next!

  1.  Air squats, Drop Squats or Jump Squats
  2. One or Two Kettlebell or Dumbell Push-Press or Half Burpees or Shoulder Taps
  3. Sprint in place or quick low step-ups
  4. Swings, snatch, or Broad Jump
  5. Knees to chest or Bicycles
  6. Towel whip or Squat Thrusts

Finish with 1 x through each exercise 30 work /15 rest