Tuesday Sprints!

Why would you miss out on Tuesday sprints?

As human beings, we should never lose the ability to move quickly.

Sometimes life will require us to react to certain crucial situations, so we need to be ready for that.

Not only does our heart need to make adjustments to these types of reactions, so do our muscle fibers.

No worries…

As usual, The Training Room is always thinking of you and we have your back!

You don’t even need to think about any of this stuff, we do it for you.

This is why we always program these types of session into your training.

There’s IS an actual method to the madness, and we are NEVER JUST throwing random workouts at you.

Here’s what your Tuesday sprints look like:

10 second sprint 20 seconds move easy x 10 round of each exercise.

Comeplete ALL ten sets before moving on the next exercise.


Each 10 second bout should be an ALL OUT effort.

  • Row
  • squat thrusts or medicine ball slam
  • bike or sled
  • Jumping pull up or kettlebell high pull
  • ski

Have a great Tuesday and rest of the week!

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