Tuesday Tune UP!

Let’s get back to it with your favorite strength session for the tuesday tune up at the Training Room!

The Training Room Deck of cards for strength and endurance!

Mix up the movements if you want.

There are the many options to choose from.

You can keep things basic, or, if you’re feeling frisky, try out some new variations.

Ask questions…

Move slowly with heavier weights, or quicker with lighter weights or even body weight.

No matter what, move with a purpose and keep the form RIGHT!

If for some reason something does NOT feel right to you, let us know so we can fix it!

Let’s have some fun!

Speaking of FUN…

Make sure to get yourself registered for the Ergathon that is happening on February 18 at Current Rehab and Performance in Belmar.

If you cannot participate and still want to contribute to the cause (Joan Dancy and PALS), go here to make donation!

Here’s the line up for the Tuesday Tune UP!

  • Hearts=any hinging movement such as deadlift variations (incluing single leg), cleans, swings, snatches or high pulls. Body weight hinges.
  • Diamonds=Any push variaitons such as overhead, floor press, kneeling press, bottoms up (on the lower reps) or even any  push up variations including hindu or rotational push ups.
  • Spades=Leg push such as goblet squats, split squats, pistol squats, reverse lunges
  • Clubs=Upper body pulls such as 1 arm rows, pull ups or ring rows

Keep working hard this week!

 Some press variaitons to try out…

Waiter Press