Twenty Ten Couplets

Twenty ten couplets are what you’re craving on Saturday!

Let’s have some Saturday fun at The Training Room.

As always, Avon runs a 7:30 and 9 AM session and Squan will be throwing it down at 7:30 AM.

10 rounds for each of the following twenty ten couplets for your conditioning pleasure!

Couplet 1
  • Ski erg
  • kettlebell swing, hinge or jump
Couplet 2
  • Bike
  • Bulgarian bag or med ball twist or chop
Couplet 3
  • Row
  • Abs or sliders
Couplet 4
  • Skaters
  • Jump pull, ring rows or pull ups
Couplet 5
  • Jump rope. jumping jacks, run
  • Mountain climbers, crawl

Keep moving forward!

Have an amazing weekend!