TMT 2.0 Challenge on Friday

For your Training Room conditioning enjoyment, we have a little TMT of the 2.0 variety.

Let’s do this!

2 Minute Torture 2.0

Here’s what it looks like…

We will set the clock to count down every 2 minutes…

Do 250 meters of cardio.

Beginners should do 225 meters.

Cardio choices

  • 250 meter row
  • 250 meter ski
  • 500 meter bike
  • Run around the building

After completing your cardio item, then do any of the following…

  • 1 burpee
  • 1 squat thrust
  • 1 Med ball, dumbell or kettlebell squat press

Here’s the kicker…

Keep adding 1 burpee, squat thrust or squat press etc. until you can’t complete in under 2 minutes.

Again…If you are having a difficult time keeping up with the time, do 225 or 200 meters of cardio instead.

Push yourself and help your Training Room friends through this one!

Have a great weekend!