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Unilateral Strength Day

Wednesday we have single sided or unilateral strength sets!

Everyone has a STRONG Side!  Let’s work on both sides to even yourself out!  Remember that the spine MOVES with you so try not to keep your hips and spine locked and loaded throughout the exercises.  It’s important to continue to move DYNAMICALLY as what is how humans move best… all parts working together!

You will complete all 6 Sets of each unilateral exercise before moving onto the next!  Rest 1:30 between exercises.

Let’s get STRONG!

20 seconds work / 20 seconds rest or active recovery x 6 Rounds

  1. Single Leg Squat Choice (Left/ Right) – Stay on the strong side of the foot (outside edge) and never let you knees cave in to midline or center.
  2. Single Arm Floor Press or Push Up (Left/ Right) – add a rotation or side bend when doing push ups
  3. One Arm Ring Row or Kettlebell Row (Left / Right) – you can also add some bending and rotational components to row exercises.

Finisher 20 work /10 rest or move light x 6 Rounds

  • Ab choice
  • Cardio choice

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