One Kettlebell, a Gymboss Timer and some pink sidewalk chalk!

In an attempt to maintain my snatch practice and possibly get my SSST numbers up, I've been hitting some Vo2 Max Snatch protocol on Tuesdays with a variety Metcon session on Thursdays.

This is all in addition to the clean/press and weighted pull up ladders I've been practicing on M,W and F.

This schedule works very well for me.  I gives me a nice combo of strength and conditioning without consuming a lot of time.

Here's what today looked like:


5 minutes of get ups with 32 kg(alternating with each rep)

VO2 Snatch Protocol (15/15) for 15 rounds(30 sets) w/ 24kg

I maintained 8/8 reps

Total reps=240

Trainingroom pics 433