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We will be slowing things down a bit today and going with our classic 5×5 strength.

Thursday’s session is dedicated to Vending Machine Dean.

Vending Machine Dean has earned to right to have his name in the headlines due to his hard work and dedication to the TR program.



Just because I’m tired of redundantly typing titles of the workouts each day I  figured it would be a nice gesture to start featuring some of our members.

Here’s to you Vending Maching Dean!

So, stay tuned for your name in the headlines!

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up.

Here’s your 5×5

This is best done alternating with a partner or as a circuit…

  • Kb, BB, DB, or heavy med-ball clean squat press
  • Pull-ups
  • Get ups (1/1 x 5) or walkouts (5×5)or Power Wheel roll-outs

Finisher: 20/10 x 10: 5 sets swings / 5 sets cardio choice( alternate back and forth)

Here’s an example of the med ball clean/squat.

You will use the same form no matter what you are using (kettlebell,sand bag, bar etc…)