Simple Strength Circuit

We will be doing a nice simple stationary strength circuit for Thursday.

For those who have been asking, we WILL be starting our WARRIOR CHALLENGE training on Sunday, July 28 a 7:30 AM on East End Avenue beach (Warrior Beach).

These sessions will run for the next 6 weeks at the above time and location.

This training is FREE to active Training Room members.
Non-members are welcome to join at drop-in fee of $20.

Go here for more info and to register for the program.

The Warrior Challenge is scheduled for September 7.

Here’s is what we’re doing on Thursday!

Stationary Strength Circuit

Thirty Seconds of work/ thirty seconds of work and thirty seconds of rest for 4 rounds

  • Split squat L/R
  • Floor press L/R or push up
  • Single leg deadlift L/R
  • 1 arm row L/R
  • get up, windmill or AB Choice

Finisher: 30 work(max effort)/ 60 rest x 4 rounds