Four Rounds

Work/rest intervals on the Gym Boss:

  1. 60/30
  2. 50/25
  3. 40/20
  4. 30/15

Here’s the circuit:

  1. Walking lunges (hold a sandbag)
  2. Walk outs or plank
  3. Kettlebell push press L/R
  4. Kettlebell one handed swings
  5. Sit and reach/knees to chest
  6. Pull ups or rings rows/push ups or ring push ups

One minute rest between rounds. Increase the weight with each round.

Look for us on Channel 6 Action News tomorrow at 11pm.



We will be holding our monthly Intro to CrossFit and Kettlebells class on June 7 at 10 am.  Go here to sign up.

All athletes that have signed up for the Summer Training Camp will be required to attend this or the two additional classes on June 14 and 21. 

All of these classes will be offered from 10am-11:30am.

Please email [email protected] to let us know which of these classes you will be attending. You are welcome to come to more then one.

Speed and Agility Baseline Testing with Coach Hannah will be held on these dates:

  • 6/18 from 3pm-5pm
  • 6/19 from 2pm-4pm
  • 6/20 from 9am-12noon

ALL athletes are expected to attend one of these testing dates.  Please email Coach Hannah at [email protected] and give him a heads up.