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After our session yesterday, we were playing around with the two big tires that are sitting out front.  Jim and I decided to do some Tabata box jumps off the biggest tire. So, we did eight rounds of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest( we stayed in a squat hold for the 10 second rest) as a finisher to our work out session.  This was no joke!!

The yoga people next door to us are still trying to figure out what those nut balls are doing with two gigantic tires, and what those strange looking things are that look like cannon balls with handles.

Here’s great shot of my Nephew and future beast "Smiling Sam".  He was born with his right arm missing from the elbow down, but it doesn’t matter to him.  He’ll be swinging from the rings, and throwing kettlebells around in no time.  It just goes to show, there are no excuses or exceptions from working out.


Stay tuned for the video!  Click below to listen to some music.