Ice Ice baby!

It’s nasty out here today, but the training continues.

Here’s a nice tid bit of info for you.Web_sight_pics_546  We’re always getting questions about abdominal exercises and which one’s are the best. 
I say give front squats a try, they engage to abs and spinal erectors (back musculature) big time.  I prefer these types of "bang for the buck" exercises over isolation abdominal training any day of the week.  Whether you are holding a sandbag, bar, dumbells, medicine ball or even a small child.  The front squat will hit those "core" muscles along with every other muscle in your body.  Given my choice between the "BOSU" or the "Stability Ball" or whatever you want to call it, I’ll pick up my sandbag and bang out some front or Zercher squats.