Weight training or body weight…

STRENGTH DAY is HERE at The Training Room.

Let’s get a little bit BETTER at something on Friday!

There will be a choice between weighted or body weight only.

FYI, there will only be one class on Monday, July 4th and as usual, it will be at 8 AM!

Both Manasquan and Avon gyms wil have one class only at 8 AM on July 4! 

Intervals on the beep!

20/10 x 4 rounds of this weighted or body weight stationary circuit.

Move and hold with weight…

Complete one side at a time.

  • Clean
  • Rack hold
  • Press
  • Overhead hold
  • Split squat
  • Hold at 90
  • 1 arm row row
  • Hold at the top
  • Push-up plank
  • Hold

Repeat the other side.

Move and hold with body weight training options

  • Supermans, swimmers or body weight hinges (including single leg hinge variation)
  • Hold
  • Push-up
  • Hold at the top or bottom
  • Body weight split squat
  • Hold at 90
  • 1 arm ring row
  • Hold at the top
  • Abs
  • Hold


Don’t go any where, there’s a finisher,

Here’s your finisher…

4 rounds as fast as possible

  • Cardio choice 250 meters
  • Farmer carry walk 100 yards

Here are a few things that can ALSO be done with the Landmine if you’re interrested.

Have a great weekend!