“The Training Room provides the missing link to my training as a professional
ahtlete.These workouts transfer to any sport or activity at ANY level. This 
program works perfectly for me as an Olympic Athlete and prepares me both 
mentally and physically for international, world class soccer.”

Christie Rampone
Captain, USA Womens Soccer
Two Time Olympic Gold Metalist

Passion, Progression, and Pursuit of the Ultimate Fitness Program!

What is your training program doing for you?

Do you have a game plan?

Answer yourself these simple questions.

  • Is your level of fitness your progressing?
  • Is your program results driven?
  • Getting leaner?
  • Getting stronger?
  • Getting healthier?
  • Do you walk into the gym with a game plan, or are you just winging it?
  • When you step into the gym, do you see a bunch of people walking in place and staring into space?
  • Do you question what fitness program you should be using?
  • Are you being held accountable for your training?

Think about how you answered these very important questions pertaining to your heath and well-being.


Train with us and progress!


You will have no choice!

Our unique results driven programs combine several effective tools including authentic Russian Kettlebells for extreme, time efficient fitness.

In other words, your training sessions will be short, and results will be mind-blowing.

Our Kettlebell-based programs are combined with other modalities such as medicine balls, sand bags, thick ropes, gymnastics rings,bands, sleds, C2 Rowers and body weight calisthenics. Our programs are adaptable to all levels of fitness and ability.

No walking in place, staring into space allowed, just real world training designed to give unimaginable results.

This real world training makes getting leaner, stronger and healthier inevitable.

Don’t question your program, follow ours, and be held accountable for your training!

Become part of our fitness revolution!

At The Training Room, we are constantly thinking, learning and evolving. 

Come join our growing family of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things through our unique results-driven programs.

Look what our clients have to say!

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