The Double Kettlebell Swing

At CrossFit Jersey Shore, one of our staple exercises is the kettlebell swing.  We believe there is nothing better then the swing for strengthening the posterior chain while getting your heart rate cranked up.  The swing is what we call a great bang for the buck exercise.  This simply means that you are taking care of many muscle groups with one exercise. 

There are several variations to the swing, one being the double Kb swing.  The double kb swing is a bit more evil as it uses twice as much weight and requires more coordination.  A wider stance must be used in order for the kb’s to clear the legs.  Since the weight is doubled, the feet must be rooted to the ground to prevent the body from getting pulled forward or backward.  It is recommended that you start with lower reps, always focusing on form, and of course getting the proper hip snap when executing the double swing.