Good morning!

Get ready for this crazy weekend.

Yesterday we had a water main break in the sissy room and had to do some damage control. It’s a good thing we where there when it happened.

Now we’ve got Hurricane Irene barreling up the coast and is supposed to kick our ass!

So let’s kick our own asses with the Woman Maker Complex!!

We’ll give you the single kettlebell option and the double kettlebell option on this.

Ladder from 1-5 and 5-1 on this.

Double Bells

  • Push up
  • renegade row right
  • Push up
  • renegade row left
  • jump up and clean the bells
  • squat
  • press
This is one rep. You can alternate with a partner on this.
Single bell option.
  • push up
  • one arm row right
  • push up
  • one arm row left
  • clean/squat/press r/l
Who wants to go for a paddle today??
Here’s the Milkman explaining the Man Maker (woman maker)