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Hey Training Room friends!

Wednesday is static strength day.

This static strength exposes weaknesses in both mobility and strength in certain areas of motion.

It can also be adjusted to be as difficult as needed.

Go outside of your comfort zone…

Challenge yourself with static strength training!

Here’s the circuit

40 second hold with a 20 second rest.

Complete 4 rounds of 2 different circuits.

Rest 40 seconds between each round.

Rest 2 minutes between each circuit…

  • static squat hold
  • pull-up hold
  • walkout hold

Rest 2 minutes

Static Strength Circuit

  • Supermans
  • Handstand or overhead kettlebell or dumbbell hold
  • L-sit or static v-sits

Rest 2 minutes

Finisher: KB GAS PIPE: 30 seconds cleans 1 or 2 KB’s / 30 second rack hold x 3 rounds