Hey guys!

Tuesday is challenge day…

In order to provide everyone with proper progression into our progam, we will be offering 3 different levels of workouts.

Our goal is to be able to provide safe and effective training to ALL levels of fitness and ability.

We believe that we have done a pretty good job with this, but are always looking to improve things.

Your feedback is always welcome.

On that note, here is todays challenge session…

Start out with your joint mobility and a circuit warm up.

Today’s challenge is very simple, and we will give you three levels, A,B and C.

Level A (Advanced): Freaks can put on a weighted vest if needed/

  • 100 burpee-pullups AFAP (as fast as possible)

Level B (Intermediate) 

  • 100 burpees / 100 Jump-pullups AFAP (can go back and forth between exercises)

Level C (beginner)

  • 100 Squat thrusts / 100 Jumping or fast assisted pull-ups (alternate between the two)

Let us know how you do.