Here we go!

Time to train hard and break some PR’s this week.

BTW, we picked up a ton of kettlebells yesterday.

Talk about some odd objects and strong man gear, check out the video to see all of the CRAZY stuff  that we saw in this guys garage!

This has given us some great ideas for our gym.

We changed it up today.

Instead of doing our odd objects, we went with simple 10 minute couplet ladder sets.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up.

10 minutes each of the following couplets going from 1-5 and repeating for 10 minutes as many times as possible.

Couplet 1

  • Double kettlebell strict press
  • Pull ups, weighted pull ups, assisted or feet down ring assisted pull ups.
Rest 2-3 minutes

Couplet 2:

  • Double kettlebell front squat
  • Double kettlebell swings or heavy single two handed swings ( go 2-10 on these)
Finisher:  Go for max time. Keep one foot planted (knee at a right angle) while the other out straight and at the same level as the opposite leg. Go for as long as you can on one side before switching feet.
I will post a video on this later.
  • L-sit hold r/l
  • Plank
Go for as long as you can on the L-sit then move right to the plank.
This was our odd object workout we were going to do.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up before going through this fun strength workout.

Do this in you go/ I go format with a partner completing all 5 sets of each movement before moving on to the next, or circuit through it solo.

5 sets of 5

  • Tire flip 5×5 / or double kettlebell high pulls 3×10
  • rope climb (5 x up and down the rope) or peg board
  • double kettebell racked step ups or 5 x 50 yard sled drag or prowler push
  • sandbag/keg/or band press
  • Abs: Power wheel rollouts, walkouts, power wheel walking, hanging knee raises.

Finisher: Double or single kettlebell ladder/ sand bag carry or farmer walk couplets

5 double snatches or 5/5 snatch, 50 yard sandbag carry(men 90 lbs, women 60); 4 double snatches or 4/4, 50yrd carry; 3doubles or 3/3, 50yrd carry; 2 doubles or 2/2, 50yrd carry; 1 or 1/1 50 carry

Get through this as fast as possible!