Don’t forget!

The nutrition seminar is this Wednesday at the Manasquan gym at 7 pm.

All are welcome to attend!

Sign up below so we know how many chairs to set up.

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Today is challenge day!

Get as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes of the following movements.

Keep great form and don’t get sloppy!

  • 400 meter row,run, or ski erg or 0.5 bike, 800 watt, 200 versa climb, 200 revolutions on the jump rope(choice)
  • 30 mountain climbers each leg or 30 yard crawl
  • 20 kettlebell swings
  • 10 burpees or squat thrusts

Let’s go!

Let us know how you did on this.

Take care of your body before and after you train!