Manasquan:  732-964-4343  |  Avon:  732-988-1555 [email protected]

Hey guys!

The holiday party is Saturday at 6pm in Avon.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hang with the crew you train with and maybe meet some characters that you don’t know.

marathon row 039

Speaking of characters…

All members from both gyms are welcome.

Today we have a challenge for you…

Do the following movements for 25 minutes.

Get as many rounds as possible without sacrificing form.

  • 250 meter run,row,ski or 0.3 on the air dyne etc…
  • 20 body weight squats or drop squats
  • 15/15 mountain climbers, crab toe touches or sit throughs
  • 5/5 kettlebell snatches or 10 swings
  • 5 burpees

Let us know how you did and what weight you used.

Have a great Tuesday!