Thirty Days of Pizza Day 6

Day 6 of the the 30 day pizza challenge took place at John’s Cracker Barrel.

I always heard people talking about this place a great stop for breakfast and lunch…

I had NO idea that John’s Cracker Barrel had pizza until some of our Training Room members gave me this recommendation this morning.

This is a cool little stop (est 1925) is right over the little bridge that takes you into the town of Shark River Hills. Seems to be very popular amoung the folks right in town.
This family owned store offers sollid menu of breakfast and lunch items along with a variety of locally made products from other businesses (Including Stacey Farrington’s famous Apple Barrel Mustard) and locally made kombucha on tap!

I had the breakfast pizza as well as a piece of the grandma pie.

Loved both.

Thanks Pierre!

Can’t wait to get back!

Watch the vid, stay active, and remember to eat responsibly!

PS…since we are also a gym promoting healthy gym stuff

Check out my favorite single leg deadlift variation below!