3 Minute Strength and Cardio Circuits

Friday at The Training Room will be a nice combination of strength and cardio…

Slowing things down a little bit following Thursday’s challenge.

We will move for 3 minutes on the strength sets and then move on to your choice for the cardio,

Here’s what it will look like…

3 Minute Strength Circuit

Switch exercises on each minute…

  • Single or double kettlebell cleans, single leg deadlift or bird dog
  • Single or double kettlebell press choice, jerk, see saw press or Hindu push up.
  • Reverse alternate lunges, step ups or long cycle

Rest 1 minute

1 Cardio choice for 3 minutes

Pick one and let it rip for 3 minutes!

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • Run
  • Jump rope
  • Sled
  • Any body weight move

We will alternate between the strength and cardio for a total of 8 sets (4 of each) with a 1 minute rest between each 3 minute set.

Let’s GO!!

Have an amazing Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Keep moving forward!