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Friday is a great day for triple conditioning sets.

Picking up the pace a bit from Thursday’s mixed bag of strength.

Like we always say…

The body needs changes of intensities and volume in order to get results.

ALSO, to stay healthy!

A wise man said, “Pain is your best teacher”.


Please listen to your body before you reach the point of being in pain.

Another wise man said, “There’s BIG difference between pain and discomfort”.

To get better at something or transform into an overall stronger and healthier human, one must become familiar with uncomfortable situations in or out of the gym.

Speaking of going outside the comfort zone…

Make sure to register for ROW for HOPE on May 15.

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It’s being held at Goodsports USA in Wall.

Let’s kick off our Friday with THIS…

Triple conditioning circuits of the 40/20 variety.

40/20 x 5 rounds of each triplet (3 exercises in each)

Triplet 1
  • Jump-pull
  • Bullwhip or inertia wave
  • Step ups, skaters or agility ladder

REST 2-3 Minutes

Triplet 2
  • Wall-ball or medicine ball squat press
  • Crab-toe touch, sit through, banded bicycles/
  • Jump rope, Jumping jacks or Candy Jacks

Total Time 32-33min

Here’s something to follow along to at home.