Alternate Limb Strength with a Finisher

Your freinds at The Training Room have an alternate limb strength session lined up with a finisher that will knock your socks off.

Thursday’s challenge was fun, but now it’s time for some strength work.

Even though it’s gunna be a hot one on Friday…

Let’s spend some time on a nice warm-up to get you acclimated to the movements we will be practicing.

Did you know that when you raise the core temperature of you body 1 degree celcius, you break a sweat. and are officially warmed up?

Have you heard this?

It’s a true story!

Share with your freinds.

Alternate Strength (Alternating limbs)

Plenty of options for everyone….

60 seconds work/ 30 seconds rest for 4 rounds of the following strength circuit..

  • Hand to hand swings, alternate hand cleans,hip bridges or bird dogs or reverse hypers
  • See Saw press(use rotation), Hindu push ups or shoulder taps
  • Alternate leg reverse lunge, step ups, or sled push/pull
  • Renegade rows, bent knee renegades, or alternate arm ring row
  • Plank or low crawl or Bulgarian bag

The rotational see saw press is a safer movement for the shoulders and back and feels great! It also involves more muscle groups.

Give it try!


60/30 until you hit 100 calories or reps

  • row
  • bike
  • ski
  • Burpee, squat thrust, long cycle or slams/sledge/mace

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the exercises listed above or if you would like to try anything new.

Have an amazing Friday.