Cardio Triplets

Speeding things up a bit from Tuesday at The Training Room with these simple, yet challenging cardio triplets that will get the heart and lungs working on Wednesday!


Warrior Challenge sign ups are happening now.

Please register ASAP so we can go into full planning mode.

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NOTE: We are ALWAYS in need of volunteers and sponsors for the event.

Here’s a fun one from last year!

Your Wednesday Cardio Triplets

The work interval is 45 seconds and the rest interval is 15 seconds..

Each triple will be done for 3 rounds.

Triple Cricuit 1:

  • Swing or broad jump
  • Mountain climber or crawl
  • run, or quick steps

Triple Circuit 2:

  • Squat thrust, slam or sledge
  • skaters
  • twists or Bulgarian bag

Triple Circuit 3

  • Squat choice
  • kettlebell, dumbbell or med ball push press
  • bike or ski erg

We will take a 2 minute rest between each 3 round circuit!

Keep working hard, stay hydrated and don’t neglect your sleep!

Stretch after class and make sure to let us know if you have any nagging injuries so they can be addressed!