Effective Strength Training for Tuesday

Supersets are both efficent and effective strength training and great follow up to yesterdays conditioning session.

One set of muscle groups are being worked while the other recover (we usually work this in a push/pull or upper and lower body sequence)

Let’s work hard, push each other and have some fun with this…

Thirty seconds of work with thirty second of rest alternating/supersetting between exercises.

Feel free to go a little heavier on this one and try something you haven’t.

Ask questions…

Go outside the comfort zone to make yourself better.

6 sets of each effective strength superset

Strength Superset 1
  • Heavy swings or deadlift choice (including single sided variations)
  • Chest press, push-ups or dips
Superset 2
  • Goblets squats (us a kettlebell or dumbbell) or kettlebell front squats or push the sled.
  • Pull-ups or row choice
Superset FInisher
  • 10-2 burpees, squat thrusts or slams
  • Jump rope 100-20, jumping jacks 50-10, or calories 10-2

Let’s crush our Tuesday at The Training Room and enjoy the rest of our week!

Here are some of the many options you can choose for your supersets!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Here are a few other things you can do with the sled!