Follow the Leader!

Happy Monday Training Room Friends!

Follow the leader conditioning to kick off the week right.

We haven’t seen this one in quiete some time.

FYI, this is the last week of our 8 week reset challenge so stay tuned for information about the post reset party coming up.
Here’s our follow the leader conditioning circuit for Monday!

Follow the leader!

Thirty seconds at each movement non-stop for 6 stations and 6 rounds total.

Take 1:30 rest between each 3 minute circuit.

30/30/30/30/30/30 x 6 rounds

  • Jump-pulls
  • mountain climber variations or or crawsl
  • kettlebell High-pulls or light deadlift
  • 1/2 burpees
  • Body weight squat options, drop squat, squat jump etc..
  • cardio options or sled push/pull

A timeless classic!