Full Body Friday!

Hooray for Friday!  Full body strength is how we roll!

It’s time for  some Wo Man makers at The Training Room.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Thursday was a conditioning day, so Friday we get our strength on.

There will be 3 different options of man/woman makers to choose from.

Pick your option and let it rip!

Option 1 – use kettebells or dumbells and go heavier for a strength focus.

Man Maker 5-6 Sets of 5 Reps for STRENGTH focus.

Here’s a DEMO

This is BEST done while alternating sets with a partner.

One partner works while the other recovers.


  • Push Up – Row R
  • Push Up – Row L
  • Clean / Squat/ Press
Option 2

For those of you who want a more cardio…

25 Minute AMRAP!

Man makers PLUS 250 Cardio after each set of 5 reps!

Cardio choices:
  • Row 250
  • Bike 500
  • Ski 250
  • Run around the building (both gyms)
Option 3

30/20 x 6 rounds as a circuit

  • Push-up
  • 1 arm row
  • 1arm clean
  • 1 arm squat press
  • Cardio choice

Let us know which one you did and how you liked it!

Don’t forget to register for the FIT 25 Challenge on January 27.

Here’s the link!

Have an amzing weekend!