Full Body Strength

Yes, we’ve got a nice full body strength circuit lined up for you on Thursday!

Since Wednesday was a conditioning day (we hope you enjoyed the cardio deck of cards)

We will be hitting ALL the essential muscle groups in a functional strength circuit that you will LOVE!

Work time will be one minute and rest time will be thirty seconds.

This will be a single limb circuit, meaning one limb at a time in order to help us work on weaknesses and balance out our bodies.

There is purpose to every session that’s done at The Training Room.

Here’s the circuit:

60/30 x 4 rounds of the following movements…

Working each limb for thirty seconds and resting for thirty seconds.

  • Step-ups or Step downs L/ R slow and under control
  • Floor or bench press L/R
  • Single leg deadlift L/R
  • 1 arm rows L/R
  • Side plank or side bends, windmills (progression video), or get ups.

Here are a couple of cool single leg dealift variations that you probably have never seen.

Finish with 60/30 x 4 rounds of the following couplet…

  • Farmer carry  
  • Plank or crawl


I nice goal to have is to be able to carry your body weight for 1 minute without setting down the weights.

Have a wonderful Thursday.